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He focuses on the therapeutic benefits of massage therapy, specifically, pain management and long-term, sustainable body mechanics.


I enjoy everything from Swedish to Deep Tissue to work those pains, and I really enjoy Reflexology.

I enjoy performing Swedish, deep tissue, and cranial sacral therapy.
I like to integrate modalities such as myofascial release, neuromuscular therapy, deep tissue and Swedish all into one massage. I do prenatal and Hot Stone massage and my clients enjoy the added benefits of these modalities well.
He recently moved to Arvada, CO, with his fiance Addison and newborn son Jack, where he runs his own chiropractic office and works as a massage therapist. He loves helping people in chronic pain and thinks he has the most rewarding job that exists.
She specializes in Swedish Massage, Cranial-Sacral therapy and deep tissue therapy and also practices prenatal massage and hot stone therapy. Customizes each individual massage by incorporating trigger point therapy, cranial sacral therapy and basic Thai massage into a relaxing Swedish combination.
Dawn Raymond

Studied esthetics at the College of International Esthetics in Arvada, Colorado.  She has substantial additional training, her repertoire- including Oncology Esthetics under Morag Currin, Ahiatsu Massage under Ruthie Piper Hardee, Mircroneeding under Dr. Lance Setterfield, Acne Clearance through Face Reality and various advanced modalities such as chemical peels and microcurrent facial toning.
Bloom Skin Care


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