Bloom Skin Care

Bloom Skin Care

It’s pretty likely that the first thing we see every morning is our face, once we stumble into the bathroom to assess our visage and go through our daily routine.  Since we’re going to be looking at that face for the rest of our lives, we want to make sure we take optimal care of our skin. That’s why we’re here.  We know you have a busy life, so we’ve done the research for you so we can offer you the best treatments and products available today.  

We are especially pleased to offer the full array of Image Skincare and peels as well as Pro-Cell Microneedling- one of the most cutting edge and effective services designed to reverse skin damage and signs of aging. Call to book a free consultation for any of our services or treatments.  

We look forward to seeing you!

Facial Services

Mystic Beauty Gemstone Facial

This is a unique, effective way to hydrate, renew and refresh your skin and spirit! During this One Hour experience, we’ll use Cupping, Acupressure, Aromatherapy,  the Kansa wand, and specifically chosen healing gemstones to give you a beautiful and healthy glow. $65 (One Hour)

Image Advanced Skincare Peel Series

This progressive, active Peel Series exercises your skin to exfoliate – creating smoother, younger skin-Literally!  Great for winter months before the Holidays! $150/3pk. (One Hour Each)


This treatment gently removes the superficial dead layers of skin to reveal a more youthful, fresher You! Great for sluggish, tired, dull skin, and wonderful for treating sun damage. $195/Series of 4. (One Hour Each)


  • Cupping Therapy
  • Waxing, Brow and Lash Tints, and much, much more!



 Dawn Raymond


Dawn studied massage at the Center of Advanced Therapeutics in Denver, Colorado and was one of the massage therapists for Google in Colorado.   She also studied esthetics at the College of International Esthetics in Arvada, Colorado.  She has added substantial additional training to her repertoire- including Oncology Esthetics under Morag Currin, Ahiatsu Massage under Ruthie Piper Hardee, Mircroneeding under Dr. Lance Setterfield, Acne Clearance through Face Reality and various advanced modalities such as chemical peels and microcurrent facial toning.

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